Styled Setups and Newborn Composite Portraits

We all know that babies are beautiful. But sometimes we crave images that are like a piece of art to decorate our home. At Sugarloaf, we combine your baby with sets to create beautiful art pieces that you’ll surely cherish forever!

Styled Setups

Styles setups using props create a certain personality and bring images to life. Props such as a bowl, bucket, bed, wreath, chair, etc. are positioned on a backdrop with soft fabrics where your baby is safely and carefully posed. Setups don’t need to be busy. Sometimes simple setups can mean so much more so that the eye does not detract from the main subject at hand, your baby!

Setups are created based on your preferences. Once your session is secured on our calendar, you’ll receive a questionnaire so we can learn about your likes and dislikes. This questionnaire contains a variety of questions about color schemes and tones. Do you prefer moody over light? Don’t love pink or yellow? But of course, if you prefer to leave the whole process up to us, we love that too!

We usually have 2-3 setups per session, depending on your package choice. We photograph your newborn in a variety of poses and angles, such as straight on, above your baby, towards the light, away from the light, and to the side as well. We love to get in close to capture those little details such as the eyelashes, hands, and toes. So just one set will produce multiple images from your session to choose as your final product in your proofing gallery.

Newborn Composites

Have you ever wondered how photographers can capture pictures of newborns sleeping in a swing hanging from a branch? More importantly, how can such a setup be safe for the baby?

The answer lies in the magic of newborn composites, which are created through a combination of experience, education on newborn safety, and editing techniques. A composite image is a single image that has been carefully assembled from two or more photos. This allows photographers to create beautiful scenes and adorable poses that might not be feasible or safe otherwise.

The main difference between a styled setup and a composite image is that a composite provides a single, seamless image, while a setup provides multiple images taken from varying camera angles and poses.

Let me show you exactly what I mean!

Here you have twos separate images: one of a beautiful newborn baby girl, and the other of a floral nest. The result is a creative, artistic portrait of your baby!

Although, I could photograph the baby in the setup easily, it would take me so much time to create and prefect the floral nest for ONE shot, that I simply find it much easier to photograph the baby separately and then combine them using composite editing skills.

The end result is a beautiful photograph of a newborn that has been elevated to a piece of art.

I can add and delete elements of the background, as well as change any colors to fit the client’s preferences.
it’s definitely not safe to put a baby on a wreath hanging from a branch! That’s why it’s so important to work with a newborn photographer who knows what they’re doing.

This process is exactly that, a process! It can take quite some time to artfully blend two images into one realistically looking final image. We offer a few newborn packages that include composite images of your choice, and multiple composites can be requested and commissioned before your session.

Below are several examples of composites that I did for clients who wanted their newborn portraits to be truly unique and extra special.

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