2020 Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone

holiday gift guide 2020

Are you all early Christmas shoppers? I try to get it all done early, so this year I decided to create the 2020 Gift Guide for Everyone to help you get started too.

The hardest person to buy for in the house is The Mr. He is the worst, 100%. Typically, if there is something he wants, he will just buy it for himself, which makes gift buying so hard, and I just end up getting him funny gifts, like underwear with a picture of my face on it. (don’t ask!) The things on this list are things that he already has and loves, so hopefully it will help you shop for your significant other. I still don’t know what to get him this year. maybe socks with the dogs faces on it…

And although shopping for my daughter was somewhat easy, I feel like it’s getting harder and harder to find fun Christmas gifts that aren’t all electronics as she gets older. So I’m sharing a few things that we have found to be a hit with her that I think many kids would love as well, along with a few things she’s askes this year, and some of my favorites.

Although the book we got for our daughter last Christmas is no longer available, these personalized pet adventure books are so fun, that I wanted to recommend another company that makes them: Petventures.

As a 10 year old, she absolutely loved seeing her pets in an adventure together. The story was fun and they did looked like her pets! Lacey is already 15 and we know we don’t have too many more years with her, so this will be a gift cherished forever.

You choose your pet’s look, then add name, your name and hometown to customize your furry friend’s adventure.

This book has been very useful during these quarantine days! Edible Kitchen Science Lab lays out delicious ideas for exploring food science in your own kitchen. Physics and chemistry come into play whenever you simmer, steam, bake, freeze, boil, purée, or ferment food. So many fun activities for the kids, they don’t even know they’re learning.

These are super comfortable and cute moccasins from Old Navy! Soft-brushed flannel textile upper, with plush faux-fur lining and trim. Like walking on fluffy little clouds. I wore it for 5hrs this past weekend while shooting PJ’s mini sessions, and I couldn’t have chose better footwear for that day!

Equaly comfortable and stylish, is the moccasin slippers from J.Crew:

Mine is a few years old and not looking so great anymore, and that’s why I got the one from Old Navy this year. This one is a little more expensive, but just as comfy, with a thick faux-shearling lining and traditional moccasin styling

Firepits are not just for s’mores! I got this for my husband last year, and if you enjoy porters, stouts and dark beers, you’re going to love this too. It works with any type of beer, though. But the higher sugar content, the better! The flash heat reacts with sugars within a few seconds (3- 5 second), creating a richer and smoother taste, without significantly changing the temperature of your drink.

We have had Alexa for a few years now, and we love our “secretary”. But this past Prime Day, we got the Echo Show. Aside from controlling our lights and switches, setting our thermostat, viewing our security cameras and creating shopping lists, the feature I love the most on the Echo Show is that when someone rings our Ring Doorbell, we get an audible and visual notification immediately. We don’t have to go searching for the phone to connect with the Ring app to see and talk with who’s at the door.

I also shows music lyrics when you asks Alexa to play music – which is a feature that my daughter loves!

If I had to guess, I would say that most of you have at least heard of Gina and her award winning recipe blog. I’m a big fan, and recently bough her newest cookbook, which just happens to be one of the MOST POPULAR cookbooks on the market right now.

If you use an INSTANPOT, SLOW COOKER, AIR FRYER or is a fan of one-pot-meals, get this! It’s filled with easy, flavorful recipes that are low-calorie and made from all-natural, easy-to-find ingredients to use with or without those small appliances.

Now, I don’t know anything about this, other than my husband and almost 11 year old daughter highly recommend it! If you’re into VR or have been wanting to try it, this is the one to get!

Lightweight, comfortable, and powerful enough to run impressively detailed virtual reality experiences, the Oculus Quest 2 is the best VR headset that Oculus has made so far.

Here are some games to get started on: Super Hot, Dash Dash World, The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, Arizona Sunshine and Beat Saber.

The Mr. also recommend to get the Oculus Quest 2 Elite Strap for Enhanced Support and Comfort in VR

 T3 hot tools are awesome! Love the different heat/speed settings, and the cool button feature does not have to be held in with your finger like most hair dryers. I always round brush dry my hair and this dryer leaves hair nice and smooth. 

If you have a tech-savvy man in your life like me, he’s going to love this one. DJI Mini 2 is beginner-friendly, powerful, and well, mini! Despite the small, compact size, it is surprisingly stable and takes sharp images, even in some wind. It has stunning image quality that is consistently smooth.

Whether you’re a beginner or a more experienced flyer, the DJI Fly app produce impressive results complete with soundtracks and filters.

And yes, before you mention that this item could just as easily be gifted to anyone, you are correct. My photographer girlfriends also love drones!

Speaking of photography, I have a few friends who’s daughters are showing interest in learning photography, and this lens is an awesome lens to start with! It was actually THE portrait lens I used when my husband taught me to shoot in manual mode back in 2007. Affordable and easy to use, this prime lens creates beautiful sharp images, and the 1.8 aperture makes the subject stand out.

One of my daughter’s wish for Christmas is this game! The Clue: Wizarding World Harry Potter edition board game is a suspenseful game of “whodunit” with artwork and characters inspired by the Wizarding World Harry Potter universe.  This will be a fun upgrade! Reviewers say that it is more fun than regular Clue game, with changing secret passageways and a few extra layers, but easy enough for a 6-year-old.

My daughter wants to add this last detail of glowing lights around her room to have her very own disco party at night. It even comes with a remote that changes colors.

I got this book for my daughter who loves all things anime. She is great at drawing anime characters, but this book will helped her with the essentials. I also picked up a new cute anime drawing pad to go with this.

And here are a few deals I recently found:

This holder holds your can in place AND keeps your drink cold for hours! The best part is, it stays condensation free. Can’t wait to use it at the beach!

These are not tiny studs, and they’ve been my favorites to wear now that we wear masks all the time.

This is pretty cool and my 24 months nephew loves his projectors and falls asleep watching the ceiling.
The lamp has a timer so you can just put it for 5 minutes and it turns off itself. Also has a bunch of colors, and they can be combined. Has a rotation mode so when it projects in the ceiling also rotates around the room too.

Phew! I hope I didn’t burn you all out with holiday shopping, and hope that is helpful to you all, happy shopping! 

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